I’m A Loser YO!

Hey Guys!!

I just want to share with you all a brand that I absolutely love at the moment…a brand you guys should be all looking out for.

Clube Do Loser

“is a lifestyle label that evokes the question, are you too cool for cool, or just wannabe cool?”

CDL started in early 2008 by my dear friends Victor & Muc.

They have since created a cult in tee-wear, with fans all over the world. Inspired by street & old hip- hop breakdance culture, CDL truly embodies the spirit of Melbourne- the fun, the simple, the classic & …the strange.

The fan club ❤ You can send them a picture of yourself with the brand & they will put it up in their website & FB

Look!!! Its meee!!! 😀

I love this video just because it embodies everthing about the brand

“Its not WHAT you wear, but HOW you wear it that make you FRESH”

Check out their collection at:


Here is a sneak peek!! ❤

One of the pictures that I absolutely love…it captures perfectly the whole Melbourne, Australia feel- again connecting itself to CDL’s core values

Clube Do Loser will be releasing a whole new wardrobe!! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, or their Blog to be updated!! 😀

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CLUBE-DO-LOSER/32974745020?v=info

Blog: http://www.clubedoloser.com/blog/


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