Crossing Fingers x

Hey Everyone…

Its been a while since I’ve updated my blog…but this is only because I wanted to dedicate the Mothers’ Day Page for my Mom a little longer 🙂

Anyways, I came across old photos of myself from a coupla years ago…and I wondered how much have I changed since then. If I met myself from that time, I wondered if I would be impressed with the person now…or disappointed.

(Below) Myself about 5 years ago at a High School Reunion

 Myself 4 years ago…

What a dark dark thought right? I mean…I am sure I have grown more mature, more patient etc etc…I am not as naive anymore (maybe a little bit hehe), I’ve cut off the “weeds” in my life, and try to make more time for people I care about.

Career wise…hmm there is (+) and (-) there…I started from a hospitality girl, to working in a luxury boutique. I even had the chance to move up to Sydney to have a taste of Corporate Life- unfortunately, I found that it is not for me.

Right now, Step 1, is to finish Uni, Step 2, Work and save money for the future, Step 3, hopefully I can start my own business…we will see what happens..who knows eveything can change again right? Crossing Fingers….

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