Morning Rambles…

Morning EVERYONE!! 😉

I had a damn good sleep + strange dreams haha. Hope you guys had one too!

Been very tired lately due to major assignments. Plus found out I have low blood pressure which is the major contributor to me feeling sleepy & light headed all the time. NO ENERGY!!

Seriously energy drinks serve no purpose to me 😦

Exactly like the title of this blog…I am just going to ramble bout nonsense+ pictures! 🙂

The cold, bitter winter weather makes it perfect to eat….

Yummy…chomp chomp chomp<3

Unfortunately for my readers overseas…this is what’s awesome about Australia Melbourne- our pies! We pride ourselves in them! Only available in Melbourne I think 🙂

Speaking of food…check these out! Very funny!

Check out my previous post, I also had a Chanel McDonalds ❤


To all you gamers out there…

Check out these laptops we got- Dell’s ALIENWARE Laptop

Baby Brother & Big Brother 🙂

Hehe these awesome laptops look like something from Transformers!

The big one there costs about $4000+ and weighs about 5kgs…certainly the Chanel Bags of Laptops! 🙂 My sisters’ fiance sure is lucky!

The smaller one is a cute version dont you think? How cool are the keyboards?? They change colours too (all through settings of course)

Oh yeah…here are some photos of the beautiful new Burberry boutique in Chadstone.

I believe Chadstone is the biggest shopping mall in Melbourne…so all my friends overseas who love shopping & thinking of coming to Melbourne…you should come here!!

The luxury section of Chaddy 🙂


Last but not least…Happy Birthday to my dear friend Leong!

Wish you all the best & keep smiling LT! 🙂

…Hope your morning is filled with a good breakfast!! A healthy one that is 😛




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