All About Burberry

It is time for me to say a final GoodBye to Burberry after 3 years.

I am never good at words so pardon me if it’s not interesting or “touching” enough for some of you…

Burberry taught me many things, and I am glad to have worked with Burberry since I met so many wonderful and colorful characters there, and I am blessed because they have become very valuable friends to me…so the end of my employment there does not mean the end to our friendship!

Burberry Divas A/W 2009, Sammy & Fi

My 21st, Bernard, Fiona, Mel, Eugel, Amy & Alex ❤

How can I not love Burberry after all these years? Yes there were many ups and downs…however it is up to us how we rise above from it right?

I just want to show all of you some of the happy memories I have there…and to those of you who are not included in the photos- sorry! But it doesn’t mean anything bad at all or that I intentionally did it… I know who you are, and you know who you are… I am grateful to meet and to have worked with all of you regardless 🙂

Thank You to Chris & the Crown Team…I will miss us and our “Crazy” times!!! “MADONNAAA”

Christopher & I at Langham Hotel- White Party

Fiona & I- “Bad Fashion Party”

Kim ❤

Fi, Me & Amy @ Baroque House

Thank You to Albin, Daniel & the Sydney Team+ Head Office (esp.Michael & Yusi)…you guys have shown me the upside to being in Sydney and have been very kind to me- I will visit again ❤

Oh and I think its becuz of Albin Im addicted to Wagaya now.

Albin, Carol, B & Me @ the Ivy

Glenn ❤

B & Me in nova hearts ❤

Soph, Bo & I- Burberry X-Mas Party @ Spice Temple, imitating the pics

Miss Korea, Jane & I ❤

Last but not least, thank you to Peter & the brand spanking new Chadstone team…you guys are so full of energy and you guys have been so welcoming to me…LOVE the new store!

P.S ( I lost our fotos from Chaddy!! Ill take some later!! & edit this!!)

To all the new staff at Burberry…welcome & hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! They are all a real great team 😉

Thank you so much once again! 🙂

I will always be a Burberry girl at heart ❤ hehehe

Chris’s Birthday

Burberry Ice-Skating

Kaho, Chris & Naomi

Bye Bye Burberry

Please Check out Burberry Prorsum’s A/W 2010 Collection!

Burberry Prorsum S/S 2010 Collection!

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