Blackberry the Legalised Crack

The new world is so fascinating!

When I daydream (yes I do), I wonder if what it would be like if we brought someone cool from the early 1900s back to today…what their reaction will be like! But then again…that will be a cruel joke hey? Dudes, we even have cars that can park themselves now! “Cray Cray World!!”

Technology has become the better of us! Nowadays, a group of friends can sit around a dinner table, and have a conversation through their BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Everything goes through the BBM! Flirting, breaking up, resigning, etc.

I don’t have a BB, and I am sometimes envious of others who’s got it, but I wonder what I would do with it once I get it. I mean we always want what we don’t have right? I already rarely chat with friends online (maybe to a mere 2%) let alone have one in the palms of my hands. And we ALWAYS put ourselves as “busy” or “away” on MSN anyways so we can surf the net in peace, so why have one on your phone- when here we have people complaining about getting too many calls from telemarketers! You will be talking or eating & then there’s this Buzzing going on, or this “tick-tock” sound invading you. (And yes from personal experience, it is not a good one)I once had an interview and the interviewer’s BB kept buzzing/ vibrating from all the emails he is receiving. Ugh~

I am not just saying this to represent those who don’t have BB, but even those who have BB can find it annoying too! I start to think that my Boyfriends’ other mistress is the BB haha!

From what I gather from people who have it, all they can tell me what’s good about BB is the BBM…hmm… I guess there is a good & bad side to it. I mean, yeah get it if most of your friends have it…but at the same time, we have to think whether it is worth it…I thought I should get it so I can be “in”, then when I count how many people I can chat with, pretty much Zilch. And how long can I chat on it? Think bout pouring your heart out, or gossiping or whatever, my fingers would look like they have steroids! Why not I just call you? Makes everything easier dont it? Oh also maybe the fact that I also couldn’t get it due to my contract with 3…is a sign I shouldnt get it?

Here are some cartoons about Blackberry which are quite funny! You can find them @ Google 🙂

My favorite has got to be…


Speaking of technologies, I panic if I forgot to bring my phone to work or out. And it dawned to me how much I depend on it. Yes it is really handy and all, but I am reminded of this quote I heard once “Its not you that controls technology, but technology controls you”…hmm imagine a future like I-Robot haha!

Speaking of technologies, we have an I-Pad at home! It is not out in Australia yet, but we got it from E-Bay. Pretty Cool! 🙂

Oh yeah…can’t get enough of these….yummm

Lindt…my saviour ❤

See you guys around!!


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