2009/2010 A Summary…

A year has gone by real quickly. For me, the busiest time was end of 2009 & the start of 2010.

November 2009, I went to Sydney for 3 months to work at Burberry’s Head Office. The overall experience was great! Learnt lots & got into a sneak peek into the corporate lifestyle.

There were however, many ups & downs while I was up there, lost some friends, but gained some more. I start to believe maybe there is such a thing as fate, that things happen for a reason… sometimes you go through hell, but at the end, things will always work out- and sure thing, they will work out better than before. We just have to patiently wait & have faith! 🙂

To me, I thought, “maybe this is to show who my real friends are, and who I should stop wasting my time on” I realized there are plenty of people out there who can still appreciate you, love you no matter what.

“The night is the darkest before dawn” – Harvey Dent (Batman)

After Sydney, I went on a group trip to Malaysia & Thailand. Let me tell you, it was a trip I will remember the rest of my life!

Let’s see…In Kuala Lumpur, in a 5 star hotel/bar, we managed to snuck 2 bottles of liquor to drink at our table. In Thailand, my friends stacked their motorbikes on the first day; one was hit by a car & left for dead. :S One jumped off from the 2nd storey of our hotel balcony into the swimming pool- BUTT NAKED…there were magic mushroom shakes & ganja, ping pong shows & we got front view of a couple having sex in a bar!! And they were at it for at least over an hour! WOW! There was also an incident involving “volleyball” hahaha. Many other things happened while we were there, but it is a secret b/w the 8 of us 🙂

There are many party centrals in the world such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, etc etc…but Thailand is one of a kind! Let’s just say, if you want to party hard & cheaply, GO TO THAILAND! There are no rules! You can drive an open jeep with people dancing & standing at the passenger seat, you jump through fire, you go to foam parties- no one cares!~

Anyways…for now enjoy some of the pics!

Next stop…..MEXICO!! 😀


CONGRATS Lymmo & GolfBug!~

For those of us who’s still trying to decide what to do with life & career, my dear friend Lymmo has already retired the work force! HOW???

 He ingeniously created the perfect website for golf lovers! If you’ve got the golf bug, check out www.golfbug.com. It is the “EVERYTHING golf site! – the Facebook for golfers” Sign up for free & interact online with other golf enthusiasts & pro-golfers too! The website has the latest updates in golf news, tournaments & videos. Having recently launched the website, GolfBug has a current membership of 25,000 worldwide & growing by the second!

Here is a sneak peak! ❤

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