Assignment Stressing! :(

Hi Friends!

Summer is finally well and truly over…although that has been the case since March, I am certainly getting the ‘phantom limb syndrome’ now. Reality finally bites after the weather has turned from balmy, warm & sunny, to cold, windy, cloudy & rainy. Goodbye to Summer! I will patiently await your arrival again in December 🙂

The season calls for the power heels, knee high -no wait THIGH high boots & the power “million dollar wife” coats & jackets! hahaha~ It is dreary to some people, but to me, it is when fashion is at its best!

Anyways, A/W also means time is bringing all of us Uni student closer to our Exams…& the due dates to our Major Assignments! >_<

Those in my shoes…I feel your pain! Remember to eat & drink healthy, get sufficient sleep & exercise well! I wish you all luck in your assignment grades & 加油!!

For now…just want to share how much I really like Lena Fuuji!

I first saw her in a Japanese Magazine “ViVi” & thought she is just gorgeous. Many have said, AngelaBaby is the new Lena, but I think that Lena will always be unique in her own way. She certainly is a Tokyo Rose 🙂

Check out her blog

P.S : The song playing first on my Music Box is sung by Lena 🙂

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