Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Well…I have always wanted to have a blog but just never got the chance- or more like never got around to it…sooo HERE IT IS!

My name is Elle/Elly- short for Ellen. I am currently 22 years old, and I am from Jakarta Indonesia much to everyone’s surprise!

I hope you guys enjoy the many random things I am going to put up and please do not be offended by my horrible writing, grammar or if I am straightforward with my opinions at times! The girl is entitled to her own opinions right? But I do welcome your feedback, and comments as well!

<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-7″ title=”Something funny! Bambi

Something funny! Bambi ❤

Myself  April 2010


You either hate her or love her…but admit you, you like her songs because hearing it once could make you subconsciously hum it right?

Monster Ball Concert- Melbourne 2010

The first time I heard and saw Lady Gaga on TV, I thought she’s a genius! She is so unique that you cannot get that outrageous image out of your head! Many people diss  her saying she is weird etc…but hey, that ‘s the way she wants to be portrayed & that happens to be the best way people will remember her ( I mean the world is now so effed up, this is hardly shocking)  I mean look at Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cher etc…they are all so unique and have done some outrageous and questionable things! But in entertainment, you either go all in or out!~Plus no-one can replace them! But anyone can replace Miley Cyrus (Taylor Swift) , Jessica Simpson (Ke$sha) because they are so …..normal?! They are always “too safe”, singing the same generic songs, looking all commercial. But Gaga, I think it is ‘accepted’ that she is…crazy! She has definitely set the bar high 🙂

Her concert is amazing- although I haven’t had the pleasure to be there. Here are some pics!

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